Giants have earned long-awaited chance to now play meaningful games

The Giants have earned this. The next time they take the field, it will be December, and that Week 13 game against the Commanders will be oozing with importance and implications. There will be none of the manufactured motivation of years past: Playing for pride, or a better draft choice, or to save the job of the head coach, or to achieve some statistical achievement. The Giants are still playing to get into the postseason. They are squarely in the playoff mix in the NFC, despite currently being the proprietors of their first two-game losing streak of 2022. Getting dominated by the ...

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Between 2 and 5:30 p.m. Sunday while you are watching the Eagles and 49ers contend for a trip to the Super Bowl, it will likely be mentioned more than once...


Πλούσιο είναι το πρόγραμμα με τις αθλητικές μεταδόσεις.Δείτε αναλυτικά όλες τις αθλητικές μεταδόσεις:10:30 Eurosport 1 Ριμπάκινα – Σαμπαλένκ


Julius Randle has outperformed his past All-Star self in the last month’s performances. It could be enough to secure his return to the game.


The former basketball player later filed a restraining order against the man, who is now also suing Barnes.


At some point, and if you are considered an offense-minded player with an assignment in the top six, it becomes about production.


Since Kevin Durant’s injury absence, the Nets have struggled surprisingly more on defense than on offense.


Trenton Irwin was a childhood actor, Hart High star and Stanford standout, and now is a receiver for the AFC championship-bound Bengals against the Chiefs.


Dolan joined “Carton & Roberts” in WFAN afternoon drive on Friday for an interview in which he was generally treated with kid gloves.