‘What Kind of Girl’ author shares her story — and her book

That journey is what “What Kind of Girl” is all about. The book details the difficulty of existing between cultures and the effort it takes to find oneself by touching on Kautsire’s relationships with other Malawian girls and the otherness she’s felt in America. Kautsire’s immigration story quickly circled her neighborhood in Weymouth. Since then, she’s been doing virtual author talks and readings and cultivating a community on social media. Recently she’s found a new way to share her story: by donating her memoir to libraries all over Massachusetts. It’s been a hectic year since professor Caroline Kautsire published her first ...

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Στο χθεσινό επεισόδιο του Survivor, οι δύο ομάδες έπαιξαν έναν μεικτό αγώνα με τους Ρουμάνους παίκτες και νικητές αναδείχθηκαν οι κόκκινοι... Survvivor


“I’m not sure I can stay in this relationship if he won’t step up, let alone consider having kids with him.”