Sleepyheads need these three habits to get rid of grogginess: study

Always wake up feeling groggy? There’s a solution to that. Scientists believe they found a foolproof three-step formula to turn sluggishness into a refreshed morning feeling. Though it’s only three factors, some might find it a little difficult, considering it involves exercise and avoiding sugar. Researchers at the University of California believe the key to feeling renewed in the morning is a combination of strenuous exercise, seven to nine hours of sleep and a high-carb and low-sugar breakfast. “We know there are people who always seem to be bright-eyed and busy-tailed when they first wake up,” author Professor Matthew Walker said. “But if you ...

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Nineteen products of varying sizes shipped to retail stores nationwide fall under the recall.


Η βασίλισσα Maxima και ο βασιλιάς Willem - Alexander της Ολλανδίας βρίσκονται τις τελευταίες ημέρες στην Καραϊβική για τη 15νθήμερη περιοδεία τους στα εν λόγω


Η Τζίλιαν Άντερσον, η οποία υποδύεται τη σεξοθεραπεύτρια Jean Milburn στην επιτυχημένη σειρά του Netflix «Sex Education», δημοσίευσε ένα βίντεο στο Instagram και εξήγησε ότι «ξεκινά μια μεγάλη έρευνα για τις γυναίκες και το σεξ».


“Hell yeah can stay for dinner, but my kids have moved out though,” penned an intrigued papa.


Named after the San Joaquin Valley in California, Valley fever is an infection caused by breathing in the spores of a fungus called Coccidioides, which originates in the soil.


After learning her husband had had a years-long affair, one wife is sharing why she decided to remain in her marriage.


TikTok users have likened Pillay and Jakope’s love story to Hollywood tear-jerkers such as “50 First Dates” and “The Vow,” which are both centered around lovers strugg…


Το HBO έδωσε στη δημοσιότητα μια πρώτη ματιά από τα γυρίσματα της νέας σειράς «The Palace», με πρωταγωνίστρια την βραβευμένη ηθοποιό Κέιτ Γουίνσλετ (Kate