The Hellenic Football Federation: Α coterie of employees and hangers-on is destroying Greek football with fascist methods

Takis Baltakos and Iakovos Filippousis, along with the other “appointed” ΕPO employees are destroying all that remains standing in football, defiantly ignoring even the Greek state’s laws!They don’t care about anything! Not even if children will be left on the street, not even if stadiums are left silent; nor even if league play is suspended! It’s as if they’re fighting in a war and are oblivious to civilian losses!Who? The question you may ask. The answer is Takis Baltakos and Iakovos Filippousis, along with the other outrageous “parachutists” who landed at EPO’s headquarters at the Goudi Park complex, with their ...

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Historical record arrivals in October for the island

The quality of the research produced at National Technical University of Athens-NTUA opens up great opportunities for business exploitation, the president of the Research and Technology Committee of the Parliament estimated

It was the fourth seismic survey conducted by the company from 2009 to date

Shopkeepers in Athens expect an increase in turnover during the holiday season

The president of SYRIZA party arrived at the Supreme Court at 9 am, where he is meeting with the prosecutor of the Supreme Court Isidoros Dogiakos

The “Marinakeion Melathron” that will house the new Administrative Center of the Holy Metropolis of Piraeus was inaugurated, a donation by Vangelis Marinakis

The agreement comes in the wake of a G7 decision last September to set a ceiling on Russian crude

The state is not even considering the reinstatement of the mandatory wearing of masks in schools, where we have seen a major surge in Covid-19, flu, and cases of other infections.