Gov’t agrees to opposition demand for reopen Parliament on Aug. 22, debate on wiretapping case

Greece’s parliament was previously set to reopen on Aug. 31The relevant government spokesman on Monday afternoon announced that the Mitsotakis government will support the earlier reopening of Parliament, and specifically on Aug. 22, as well as the scheduling of an off-the-agenda debate within the same week to focus directly on the ongoing wiretapping furor in the country.The statement by spokesman and Deputy Minister of State Yannis Economou came hours after main opposition leader Alexis Tsipras sent a letter to the Parliament president demanding the reopening of the legislature and a debate at a plenary session on the grave political controversy.“The government ...

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Russia has weaponized energy. Here is how the EU can strike back.

'Since taking office in 2019, Mitsotakis is credited with engineering an economic miracle in Greece. A decade ago it was one of the PIGS, a derogatory acronym for Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain,' the Sunday Times wrote.

The president of the European Commission reminded that the natural gas interconnection project between Bulgaria and Greece has been on the table for over ten years

Takis Baltakos and Iakovos Filippousis, along with the other “appointed” ΕPO employees are destroying all that remains standing in football, defiantly ignoring even the Greek state’s laws!

Vladimir Putin knows that the possible use of nuclear weapons by his country, even on a “limited scale”, would trigger a severe backlash, not only from his opponents, but also from his remaining allies.

Mitsotakis met with the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev in Sofia, before the opening ceremony of the Greece-Bulgaria IGB interconnector pipeline

The problems of daily living at times influence voters far more than major national challenges preoccupying the country's central political stage. Such problems can become insufferable as they fester for years